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Welcome to Vasta Retreats. Our retreats are a five day Holistic, Body, Mind and Spirit experience, presented by John Vasta and his team. John has more than 30 years experience in the field of personal development, educating everyday people, how to apply easy, scientifically proven techniques, to create the life they want and deserve. Over the 5 days John will help you connect and develop all aspects of your life, holistically and gently. Read what retreat attendees say about their experiences, Click Here.Retreats are run several times throughout the year. Please check the Dates & Prices page for more information.

Retreat Features

Vasta Retreats is a newly developed and powerful way to achieve amazing, fast results, in a beautiful relaxed environment, without commuting or the distractions of your current world.


Beautiful Accommodation at Continental House


Our easy Meditation process activates and links your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing - it changes your life!


Vasta Retreats will give you direction and clarity to achieve your goals and the lifestyle that you want with ease.


The benefits of Yoga are countless - yoga is meditation with movement. At Vasta Retreats we start each day with a beautiful, gentle yoga session to sync our mind and body.

2018 Retreat Dates (Hepburn Springs, Victoria)

2018 April 15th-20th


Vasta Retreat has been a profound shift in energetic consciousness for me. We seek answers of our life path, health, relationships and work from elsewhere. I discovered that the answers lie within. Vasta Retreat has given me tools, applications to give me direction for every day moving forward at any time. The accommodation food and hospitality outstanding. V – April 2016