For Body, Mind and Spirit

About Vasta Retreats

If your present life is hard work, if there is stress in your life that is affecting your health, your thinking and your performance, if you do not have enough time for your family, loved ones or the things you love to do, then Vasta Retreats is for you. Vasta Retreats will give you direction and clarity to achieve your goals and the lifestyle that you want with ease.

Vasta Retreats is a newly developed powerful way to achieve fast results in a relaxing environment without the hassles of meals, parking, commuting or the interference of your current daily life. Our 5 day program covers all areas of your life and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, education level, or walk of life.

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Some of the Many Subjects Covered at Vasta Retreats

• RELAXATION – dissipating stress and tension. Understanding and using the body’s natural energy centres to switch into the powerful Alpha level of the brain. Learn an easy meditation that anyone will quickly master on their first day to improve all aspects of your being and life.

• STUDY & RAPID LEARNING – How to concentrate easily, improve understanding and memory while studying or listening to lectures. Excellent for students and anyone who has a challenge in this area.

• MENTAL ANAESTHESIA – Relieve headaches, migraines, any ache or pain using the power of your mind.

• USING YOUR SUPER COMPUTER WHILE SLEEPING – Solve problems and be creative while sleeping. Remember and understand your dreams.

• SLEEP – How to awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and energized at the time you want to. Overcome sleeplessness or disturbed sleep and sleep peacefully. Overcome insomnia.

• ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS & DREAMS – Mental rehearsal, making your dreams a reality. Improve in sport, work, prosperity and learn the success strategies of the worlds super achievers in any field of endeavour for better easier living.

• HABITS – Lose or gain weight with ease without diets or exercise using your mind. Let go of cigarette, alcohol, drugs without effort. Be a decisive motivated person, overcome procrastination. Eliminate any bad habit easily.

• HOLISTIC HEALTH – How to better manage or overcome illness and disease using the power of your mind for yourself and loves ones. Accelerate the bodies own natural healing process up to 10 times faster. Learn good eating habits for healthier living and longevity.

• COMMUNICATION & LOVE – Resolving conflict and building loving and lasting relationships. Finding and understanding true love.

• INTUITION & CREATIVITY – Switching on your creativity and intuition, using the other 95% of your brain scientist’s say we are not using.

• ESP & YOUR PSYCHIC SENSES – Go beyond your 5 physical senses, learn to develop and understand your powerful inner senses to use in your every day life. How to gain the clarity necessary to become more intuitive and benefit from synchronicity (coincidence, being at the right place at the right time).

• CONFIDENCE – Build powerful confidence and self esteem. Be enthusiastic and raise your personal energy levels, dissolve negativity and depression. Evolve your life’s work into a passionate expression of yourself.

  • SPIRITUALITY – Experience your spiritual self and connect to the guiding force within you, truly understand what it is and who you are, be happy and at peace with life.

and much more…………  sound to good to be true?

During the retreat John will prove to you these techniques work as you will experience them for yourself, before you leave the Retreat.

The Vasta Retreat goes beyond positive thinking, giving you simple but effective scientifically – proven methods that get results. Note taking is not necessary as you will learn by doing.

Suitable for the whole family and encouraged to experience it with your partner.