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 “short answer, it’s about a lot of really cool stuff and to be happier!”

Below is a random collection of graduate testimonials from our 5 day Retreats and the 2 day Vision seminars series that John has developed and shared over a period of 30 years to  thousands of people both here in Australia and Internationally. We have some of the many Testimonials listed below, recent and past.

“Thank you all, for your special words, it really was my greatest pleasure sharing special time together and showing you some really cool stuff, please stay in touch, happy thoughts!  John V.

This was the most amazing week which had provided me the opportunity to let go of all my childhood issues which have had a negative impact on my life up until now.  I now know and appreciate what love is and can embrace it with everything I am but more importantly I know it is ok to love me and everything I am. Thank-you for giving me my happy life back and giving me the tools to give it to my children as well – S – Mildura October 2017

My five day experience has been so up lifting.  Sometimes people can get lost, well this retreat makes you focus on your positives, love and light.  To be able to have a comfortable lifestyle, to live and love x – J – Mildura October 2017 

Icing on the cake.

Needed to make sure I had all the layers. Now I have and am so looking forward to the next step. Thanks for helping me take this final step again. T- Bendigo October 2017

Over the weekend I took part in John Vasta’s 2 day Vision seminar here in Mildura.
Not what I expected..
It was a mind blowing experience where I learnt so many tools! Simple ones too.
We have no issue spending money on the superficial- getting nails, hair & tans done or buying new clothes… but how often do you spend money on learning more about yourself to create change on the inner level? The level that actually creates beauty and happiness from within. No matter what your goals are in life (to be healthy, fit, lose weight, break a habit or pattern, stop procrastinating, overcome anxiety or depression, have more love in your life, improve your memory ect.) you can seriously benefit from this knowledge. There was a 9 year old, students in year 12, business owners, men of all ages, and a whole range of individuals… each who benefitted dramatically.
My brain already feels superhuman and supercharged! For me, it was also one of the deepest meditative experiences I’ve ever had.
If I were you I’d put yourself first and dive right in to one of their retreats for the ultimate experience
So grateful for this Heather & John  Katie T. March 2017.

John’s wisdom, generosity of spirit is amazing. I started my journey of self discovery last year and it led me to enrol in this seminar. the tools John has shared are what I have been looking for, simple and yet effective and easy to use, so much that I know I will continue these practices, thank you. Trish K. March 2017.

The Vasta Vision seminar was exactly what I was looking for at just the right time. I seemed to have a lot of information but not the right tools to implement things I want in life. John is sharing such powerful and important knowledge and most importantly simple tools so people can change their own life. Andrea D. March 2017

John’s wealth of knowledge is something we are so blessed to have available to us. He will assist in bringing you home to yourself and give you the tools to live the life you desire, one full of abundance, love, inner peace, satisfaction and joy. The hardest part is getting yourself there and making yourself a priority, so no more excuses ! Just do it. Katie. March 2017

I was incredibly surprised at the value this course added immediately to my life, I consider myself to be an average bloke and was very sceptical about the course and John’s claims, however I have come away energised focused and ready to attack life with a whole new purpose. Bryce N. March 2017

Thank you John for a wonderful enlightening, inspirational weekend, I didn’t come with any expectations only curiosity but have left with essential life tools that I cant wait to use. You have given me the how and why of so many self questions, so many light bulb moments! This information should be compulsory for all….. What a wonderful world it would be! Thank you. Felicity C. March 2017

Fantastic consciousness raising! – If only more of the world could learn a fraction of these elements of awareness what a different place it would be! Thanks for the insights!

The presentation was down to earth, real skills taught by great people. The choices in my life have expanded and all within my grasp. Anything is possible. Thanks John and all your support crew

Attending the Vasta Retreat has given me insight and skills to go forward with my life with confidence. The skills learnt from John will carry me through to be the best possible person that I can be from now on.  From day one I was profoundly in awe of what I was hearing and learning with a changed perspective to how I think and deal with life in general. It made me look at situations in my past with fresh eyes and move on. J – April 2016

I leave the Vasta Retreat a completely different person. I would never have comprehended that 5 days could be so life changing. I now can take on my life’s journey with easy and practical tools that will make me a more contented, peaceful and supportive person.  I have a clear insight into the correct paths to take and how to draw on the Universe for uncertain decisions in the future. Thank-you John and the Vasta Team. M – April 2016

I enjoyed the Retreat immensely having come in to it with a lot of apprehension and fear, Instead I learned how to look within myself and was given the tools to work with, to rediscover me, understand why I think like I do, see how the expectations I put out there can really only affect me. I learned love is acceptance – acceptance of everyone and everything. J April 2016.

Enjoyed the opportunity to spend time getting to know me again! The accommodating was sensational, food amazing! Thank-you for the LOVE you shared with us. It will stay in my heart FOREVER! K – April 2016

This has helped to reinforce that I need to look after my inner self first and then things will flow out to myself, my family and others. Acceptance is letting go. T – April 2016

Vasta Retreat has been a profound shift in energetic consciousness for me. We seek answers of our life path, health, relationships and work from elsewhere. I discovered that the answers lie within. Vasta Retreat has given me tools, applications to give me direction for every day moving forward at any time. The accommodation food and hospitality outstanding. V – April 2016

“I used to feel like there was something missing, like there was some secret to a fulfilling life that I hadn’t quite unlocked yet.  I felt so close yet so far.  The Vasta Retreat showed me that I have always held the answers within myself and gave me the tools and techniques in every day life which will allow me to build, love and appreciate my life, not only personally but also in my relationships with family and friends as well as my professional life. I no longer harbour fear, hurt, or regret.  Instead I harbour love, peace, compassion and drive.  I CAN have the life I dream of.  I WILL have the life I dream of and its me that will make that happen.  Thanks for the gift of knowledge given to me at the Vasta Retreat.”  S – October 2015.

“What an experience.  I had no idea or expectations on what was about to happen.  Day by day I’ve felt positive within myself.  My confidence slowly but surely creeping back.  Everyday is finding out something else about myself that I lost or just forgot I had.  I thank John and Heather for opening my mind and changing my life.” L – October 2015

“Last night I experienced the most powerful thing imaginable. It is something I will never forget and hold dear in my heart for as long as I live. Thank you John Vasta, I know now I can live my life free from guilt, resentment and fear. I am finally at peace with myself and hope I can pass my knowledge on to my children.” M – Mildura.

“I have found this to be amazing. The techniques being taught in the workshops have opened up a whole new world to me. I have always known that there was more to my life than what I had been living and this course has bought to light what I have been looking for. THANK YOU.” K – Mildura.

“Tying all the threads together to start a new tapestry for the future. So much we’ve learnt and so excited about the changes I will make to my life.” S – Mildura

testimonialThis seminar was the greatest weekend of my life, John provided me with tools to help me in every aspect of my life from my health, learning to achieve my goals, coping with stresses of work to improving my relationship. I recommended it to anyone ready for a more positive and fulfilled lifestyle – Helen M. Data Consultant

I have attended many motivational seminars during my business career, but this seminar is unlike any I’ve attended before. It provides you with techniques that really work to enhance every aspect of your life. This is an investment in yourself that you will gain from far beyond your expectations – Paul. Business Operator

After attending this seminar 11 years ago I achieved great dreams and ambitions. I look forward to once again seeing and experiencing the many priceless benefits as a result of my attendance this time round – Karen A

You gave me exactly what I needed in my life, right when I needed it. I recommend that every person should experience this life changing experience and receive the tools to real health real harmony real happiness. If everyone experienced this seminar the world would be a better place – Melita.

Thanks for putting everything into perspective, fantastic weekend, has changed my way of thinking for the rest of my positive life – Mark.

I myself have done 3 of John’s seminars in the last 20 years. I enjoy the workshops as they are the best, dynamic experience that I have ever done in my life. It totally changed my life and beyond my capabilities. It’s totally easy, and step by step – Martin K

The seminar was one of the greatest experiences in my life, the tools and techniques are so powerful – Christian. Publisher

The morning following the seminar I made a coffee and reach for a cigarette, the last one in the packet. Sixteen days later that cigarette was still there and still today there is absolutely no desire at all to smoke. There were no withdrawal symptoms no anything – Gavin D. Papermaker.

With John’s easy techniques I have lost 14 kilos in weight since doing the seminar without a restrictive diet, something I was never able to achieve before – Peter.

Dear John, we have just found out today that our son, James is joint-Dux of Saint Kentigern College this year. We are so thrilled for him as we know how hard he has been working towards his goal of achieving Dux. James has been focused and self-motivated and has been a joy to support. He came first in English, Drama and History. James has put to good use the practical information that you provided at your workshop, which helped him with his studies. Warm wishes – Helen Wenley

This weekend seminar opened up new areas of awareness of how the mind can be enhanced through pictures that one wishes to establish. All new concepts which have limitless possibilities to enrich and improve the way a person conducts one’s life whether it be in the area of general life experiences or in helping to achieve an area of specific interest such as sport, recreation or a family relationship – A very well worthwhile course that can only enhance relationships personal or general. – John.

I found the Vasta Seminar an enlightening experience opening my thoughts and imagination levels to new strengths. Things I did not think possible are about to happen – Denis.

It has been an amazing weekend. I was always aware there were rooms in the brain to help us but did not know how to unlock the doors. This weekend has given me the keys to do that and I look forward to fulfilling my dreams – Dianne, NZ

Great weekend. Have done lots of personal development but this just seemed to click. Finally I think I’ve got it that it’s all inside me and not external. Thanks – Jill

I came to this weekend not knowing what to expect. I have learnt so much about myself, can’t wait to use it when I get home. I would recommend this to all walks of life to learn and get in touch with yourselves – Heather.

This has been such an enlightening weekend taking me places I never realized existed in my mind. The tools we have learned are amazing how many seminars do you go to you do you ever get the tools on HOW. Fantastic. I am excited about putting them into practice for a better future for not only me but many others –  Love & Gratitude, Shona

This has been a fabulous weekend. The way I view myself and my relationships with such clarity after this weekend is astounding, I feel like pathways from my soul have been opened and energized, created even to enable major positive outcomes in every area of my life – Jess.

This seminar made me realise how powerful I am. The techniques that we used are very simple and easy to follow yet get a very powerful result. I will definitely tell all my family and friends about John Vasta’s Seminar – Baski, NZ

I really enjoyed the seminar this weekend, it really opened my mind to a lot of things in my life as normally I am quite negative and there’s lots of ‘beta’ clicking away. I’ve learnt a lot about being positive and being more loving – Liam.

Superb weekend. I have gained too much from this. I have learned so much about myself, I feel cleansed, centered, and healthier, have more direction and much much more. Thank you John for a wonderful, wonderful weekend you certainly are an inspiration – Sandy

I discovered that I knew a lot more about myself and my ability to use the tools I already have to make my life a better place and I have the ability to help others too – Wendy

Thank you John and Rachel for inviting us to this workshop and we did not know what to expect and it was great. Learnt a lot – Ron.

I have just completed the Vision Seminar and truly believe that it is a life changing event. Experiential learning at its best – Murray

A very fulfilling weekend/seminar both reinforced beliefs and challenged preconceptions – Jason.

Mind-opening stuff, I feel as if I’ve been shown a lost continent and it was inside my head all along. Thank you John – Duncan, NZ

Enjoyed the seminar very full weekend, consolidated and developed other learning I have been doing particularly about moving through the levels which is not something I had heard about before – Tania.

Prior to this seminar I had been searching desperately for something but didn’t know what, to help our family dynamics. I have tried and been to dozens of seminars and NOTHING compared with the POWER of this one. I feel now that I have been fully equipped to handle life with ease and better control. Thank you a million times John for coming here and being with us. We will no longer fall apart! On a personal note I am fully totally re-energized and excited about my own business and now feel totally able to move forward with enthusiasm. I have grown and feel ever so grateful for these priceless gifts you have given me/us. This weekend has been awesome. Thank you – Eileen

Wow! John this has been the most empowering experience I have ever encountered in my life. I have been so fortunate to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity. Learning these simple tools has been so amazing, enlightening and is going to fill all those gaps and holes in my life. Learning to accept yourself for who you are and taking responsibility for YOURSELF. It has been so easy throughout our lives to blame other people for our mistakes and put off reasons for not doing what we want. Now I have the power and I will use these tools for the rest of my life! Thank you – Sonya.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, found the techniques very simple, yet surprisingly effective. The information was well presented, down to earth and information. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to improve themselves. I have done many personal development programs and motivational seminars in recent years, I feel that this is the key to allow me to access the information I have learnt – Grant. Veterinary Surgeon

I needed to get out of my psychological rut, and regain my zest for life, this is it – Bob.

This has been the best, most powerful and friendliest experience I have had in my entire life. I have enjoyed it more than words can say. I feel I have been given the tools to change my whole life. Many thanks. – Kathy. Business operator

After attending two seminars we have enjoyed significant benefits that have resulted in amazing personal and financial growth. I would strongly encourage anyone to participate in this seminar – Glen and Angeline, Business operators

I had a health problem for several months that had gone undiagnosed by doctors, specialists and naturopaths. Symptoms included severe fatigue, sore muscles and no energy. Within two weeks after applying John’s techniques I saw significant improvements-now two months after attending the Vision seminar I am ready to the gym again!! If you want to improve your health, change habits of learn how to set goals to change your life, then this seminar is a must – Craig.

I’ve lost 11 kilos in 8 weeks since implementing the mental techniques that John will teach you. I feel fantastic and have so much energy – Tim. Investor

You gave me exactly what I needed in my life, right when I needed it. I recommend that every person should experience this life changing experience and receive the tools to real health, real harmony, and real happiness. If everyone experienced this seminar the world would be a better place – Melita.

The seminar was one of the greatest experiences in my life, the tools and techniques are so powerful – Christian. Publisher

Easy, down to earth and informative presentation on a holistic way of how you can take control of your life – Kathy M

This is the second time I’ve participated in the visions seminar. After the first seminar I learned how to stop cold sores appearing all over my mouth, I learned how to get rid of indigestion without drugs. After the second seminar, I realised just how much more I could incorporate visions techniques in my life. Doing the seminar a 2nd time allowed me to focus on the mechanics of how the techniques work – and they really, really work. Doing this seminar has been one of the very best ways I could think of to spend a weekend. A weekend that has changed my life!! Thanks John!! – Doris C

It was an experience to say the least… The amazing thing is the seminar is all about things that I have been doing in my day to day life without realizing it! Now I have the knowledge and skills to apply the techniques that I learnt during the weekend in a controlled manner, whenever I may need them – Jessica B

Firstly I would be the worst critic. I came into this course with my eyes open and went away a believer. I believe that there is more to my life then just my physical side. I believe that I will be a more loving, caring person. I recommend this course to everyone young, old, sick and healthy. Thankyou John for giving me a second chance at this earthly life – Mark M

I found a lot of ways to calm down and take things off my mind. Being an upcoming tennis star??? I found ways to ignore my bad conscience and only to focus on positive thoughts – Tom T

I did enjoy the seminar. John explained it all very well in simple English easy to understand – Sally G

I found the seminar very interesting, it was very exciting and I got a lot out of it in the way I learnt to deal with my fear and that is most important to me, thanks very much John – Pete M

Funs, uplifting, mind blowing, great life skills, very realistic, down to earth presentation, simple, easy, surprisingly effective techniques to realise our true potential as spiritual beings – Kerry V

I first heard about the Vision seminars about two years ago and I finally was able to attend one. This is most definitely the best thing you could ever do for yourself. It will bring you the helpful changes that you have been waiting for in your life, whether you were aware of it or not. Everything is explained simply. There’s nothing hard and it will change your way of thinking – Ferdinand

A most enjoyable weekend, as it was a repeat seminar I was impressed by the results I received after my first seminar when I stopped sleep walking after having sleep walked since childhood, also my “panic phobia disappeared. I came along with a degree of scepticism and a little uncertainty. I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect or how I would react. I was looking for strategies to help me make appropriate choices with the aim of changing and improving my life and developing personally. John was an inspiration and some of the techniques were almost beyond belief. The seminar was non-threatening, great fun and empowering – Bill Simpkins

It has helped me tie together and affirm information that I have acquired over the years. It has put a lot of power into my own hands-it is up to me to use it. It is such a simple technique-the simplicity is beautiful – Kerry M

I really enjoyed the weekend, it really works, simple, easy, effective techniques to enhance the quality of your life and those that you love. Learn more about the special abilities that we all have and how to apply then in your everyday life. It will change your life – Ashley T

My first impression of the seminar was that it was too simple to be of any benefit. After completion of the first day my doubts had been eliminated. I was relieved to feel that there is a purpose for my being on this earth, and that I now have a clearer path to journey down with great awareness tools – Brandt M

I was told about this seminar by a business colleague, it was described to in simple terms such as. Do you get good ideas and five minutes later talk yourself out of it. Well this will teach you to keep those ideas and build on them, what a joke!! This weekend I have learnt a lot more than to be persistent with your ideas. I feel when these techniques are put to use my whole life will take a turn for the better. This will teach you to get the most out of life in every aspect, including health- both physical and mental, financial dreams and relationships, worth every cent – Rick J

The information was presented in such as easy way to understand. The information though is so important and potentially life changing but it is also intuitively correct. I have already gained more than I ever expected, making it the best investment I have ever made – Gavin S

The Vasta seminar is the most valuable weekend you will spend in your entire life. The weekend gives you the techniques and tools, to live your life in a meaningful way. The choice is yours! Please make this seminar your choice – Marylou A

Great weekend, a lot of fun and very enlightening, I recommend it to everybody – Steve H

Interesting weekend, full of surprises – John P

The weekend was a life changing experience, yet so simply done everyone should do it – John C

Recommended for anyone who has trouble relaxing in the busy lives we lead these days – Mel T

I have enjoyed this seminar; it has been quite an eye opener for me. I experienced some wonderful things. I believe now going through the charkas has enhanced my vision. Which I believe will help me with choices I have to make. I do yoga and new a little about the charkas but this has opened it up more for me. It was well professionally organised. Thank you – Paula S

I’ve found this seminar links together many small things I was already doing, but did not know how it really worked or how it interconnected in such a strong way. If anybody wants to improve or modify anything in their life I’d recommend this seminar above any motivational/educational lecture I know of. It’s practical!!! When was the last time you invested in yourself? – Tony H

I found the course to be different to anything I have done before. It has opened my eyes to just how much we can achieve. I always believed in the power of the mind but I did not think that I could do these things. I enjoyed the memory testing because I could never remember anything – Michael D

The memory session was amazing. I never thought I could remember so much. I finally feel I can take control of my life. My initial worries were that because I was not a visual person I could achieve in this seminar but you don’t have to be – Carlie B

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and it made a big difference to my life. I was very sceptical before I attended even wondering whether it was a scam (sorry!) I think the world would be a much better place if everyone did this seminar – S. D

I got so much out of this seminar. Now I am able to share with Richard the experiences we had. Also to practice techniques with each other. I feel a better- more understanding person already and an amazed at what I have experienced this weekend. It is a weekend I will never forget. The warm fuzziest especially got to me and I had to hold back the tears until break time then rushed to the toilet to let them out. I should have done it there on the spot – Cathy T

Overall I found the workshops to be very worthwhile. Some of the sessions challenged my belief system while others provided very good practical advice. (e.g. memory) Found the first day to be very demanding. There was a lot to take in. Really enjoyed the session on getting to know people better and creating more positive relationships – Ian N

I have enjoyed this weekend extremely. Have not been as relaxed for a very long time, found some of the techniques fantastic, uncanny and unbelievable – Bob M

Enjoyed it thoroughly, very powerful. I thought the session on ESP was very interesting. I will be using the techniques for my health. Thank you so much – Janelle D

I have gained so much. The atmosphere was very relaxing and felt a more one to one connection with John, allowing me to absorb a whole lot more without difficulty. The course was uncomplicated and simplified. Had lots of fun. Thanks – Brenda M

I have really enjoyed the seminar. I have gained confidence, motivation and am better organised in a busy lifestyle – Julie M

I had a great time over the weekend, there were many things in which I learnt. I would have to say I can’t wait to put it all into practice, the memory session was great thanks. Also this will give me a great place to go when I need to think things over. The fuzzies and back rubs were great. There needs to be more of them. Thanks – Trish

The course was tremendously rewarding. I got to work with a great bunch of people E.S.P experience to be incredibly exciting almost unbelievable. All in all the money was well spent. Thanks for everything – Peter

The Memory project just blows me away on how simple it is. Never seen or heard of anything like it. It all has changed my direction in life –  Gary B

The seminar was very demanding but at the same time was exciting to find out that our brain can be used for more than we were first aware. By doing the technique/programs I know it will finally give me back my power and give me confidence to change my life to how I want it to be- not trying to be someone I’m not! I’m looking forward to the journey of a life time. Thanks – Sue I

I learned more about myself in one weekend, than I had in the past 20 years. John uses simple techniques that have always worked. Truly the most informative weekend seminar I have attended, I highly recommend this seminar to everyone – Alan S

I have enjoyed the seminar very much. It’s great, wonderful. I didn’t think anything could improve my memory, and was willing to try ANYTHING. It would have been great if I had heard about and taken part in a Vasta seminar many years earlier. I would have had and now have many other skills (options) to work with as well as memory – Carol B

I enjoyed the seminar very much and I see a lot of potential things I will use in my life. I do think I need more practice to reach the level I wish to make, however I feel I am a better person for having attended – Russell K

I discovered, from the vision seminar, why I was experiencing sensations and emotions. The explanation was so simple, it felt like someone opening the door to my innermost self. But the power of what I can now do and achieve is an adrenalin rush. The first day to my new life of self confidence and love of myself has begun! Gracious thanks – Marcia D

This seminar really helped me to unleash all the power that I didn’t know I already had. I now have a more clear understanding of my goals and how to achieve them. I even have new goals that I didn’t even know I wanted to achieve. I recommend this seminar to anyone that wants to achieve anything financially and for sporting success – Andrew F

This weekend taught me how to tap into the limitless power of my mind to shape and improve my future. I have four university degrees and have spent many years studying and learning, I wish I had learnt the techniques twenty years ago. I am very excited to practice these techniques with my wife who has also taken the class – Charley F

This is my first seminar in this type. Initially I had some trouble even closing my eyes for any length of time. My realization is just what is possible if I will ask for it. My experience was truly inspirational and I will, I am positive have some very good positive changes in my life. Thankyou John you will stay in my head! – Harry S

Over the weekend I enjoyed it very much and got so much out of the seminar that I will now take my life to the fullest. When I came, I had a bit of pain but after the weekend it had gone completely. I found myself enlightened to be child like again for that was the part of my life I was missing and I felt this is where all my problems stem from. I needed to be a child again and learn to play. I felt a lot stronger in myself. Thank you so much for awakening the child within – Michele P

This weekend was great. I will be using these techniques from now on during my everyday life. John explained things in a very simple, easy way, which made it a lot easier to “sink” in. Thank you very much – Luarna M

I found this course to help me come to terms with some large issues I carried inside me. It was fun and exhilarating and has left me with very positive thoughts about self improvement, happiness and that it is okay to be a caring extravert! I am looking forward to using my new skills – Emma B

I almost didn’t come to the seminar, I’m very happy I did and grateful for everything I have learnt. The presentation was down to earth, real skills taught by great people. The choices in my life have expanded and all within my grasp. Anything is possible. Thanks John and all your support crew – Soren C

Excellent! I actually found that I was using some of these techniques when I was a little girl. Like picture the stuff you want in your mind and it will come true. Memorizing numbers and pictures etc. Over the years as I became a boring adult, I have forgotten this stuff. Now I am confident and happy that I haven’t forgotten these and still be a good adult – Mayumi O

I was very impressed with the simplicity of the technique. I feel what I have learnt is something I’ll be able to use in my life. The subject health is something I know a fair bit about. Your explanation of the subject was excellent. I’m very happy, that I came to your seminar, and I know a few people, who would benefit also if they came. It’s been great, that our family have all done the seminar- we will now be able to help each other even better – Annette C

Excellent presentation of an enormous amount of material! Thank you for re-reminding me of all the things I have the power to do by simply being responsible for my own actions and choices – Elayne B

I am happy to have participated in this seminar. Although a lot of the philosophies and ideas are things I was already aware of and practising in my life, it was great to get a different clarification. I’m quite enthusiastic about the techniques taught and have already put them to use. Fantastic consciousness raising! – If only more of the world could learn a fraction of these elements of awareness what a different place it would be! (Although I would imagine the price tag would exclude many….do you offer ‘scholarship’ type opportunities? Might be a good thing for greater humanity) Thanks for the insights! – Lisa C

I found the “workshop” very useful and rewarding. The seminar rates way above the many seminars I have attended over the past 25 years, my initial thought was, it’s too expensive however my four children (all adults), my wife have all attended as well- I believe it to be one of the very best investments I have ever made. Thank you – Hans C

I can’t really find the words to describe it. I always knew there was more to life, but I felt alone, now I feel like I am not. This seminar helped me to deal/overcome depression and also made me forgive and forget a lot of things that have been hurting me my whole life. I use to run away from my problems now I can face them. Thank you so much. (I AM) THE BUTTERFLY, WITHOUT FORM, WITHOUT LIMIT, BEYOND SPACE, BEYOND TIME, I AM IN EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS ME, I AM THE BLISS OF THE UNIVERSE, EVEYTHING AM I – Jaquelina J

I found this weekend to be one of the most empowering and transforming weekends of my life. The seminar really helped me focus on the way my life had been running up until now and the changes that I have been wanting to make but wasn’t sure how to do it. Now I do, thanks John – Peter Baker

I have enjoyed the seminar I learnt and done what I didn’t believe was possible but I did it, the challenge will be to keep doing it and applying it, very empowering – Dan

This weekend actually opened a new door in my life, which I can use and get benefit out of. Thank you for this great weekend – Hatice D

Fantastic experience! Best weekend I have ever had. I am looking forward to starting a new life using the techniques learned this weekend. I am also looking forward to participating in future seminars – Annette L

Very powerful I have learnt a lot, techniques easy to understand. I felt a sense of ‘belonging’ fantastic teamwork, wonderful fellow graduates – Sarina M

The seminar is something which will be used to develop my life. This is a tool for life – Mal L

Very rewarding and worthwhile, I recommend it to everyone, the world will be a better place if everyone can adopt these attitudes – Julie M

I have had the most rewarding weekend in my life. I have found the answers to the way of living that I have been looking for, for so long. I now have the tools to live fully. Thank you John – Carol J

In the week leading up to the seminar I was so negative in general I almost didn’t do the seminar thinking nothing can help me. I am now a completely new person happy and positive. I cannot explain further – Angie A

A wonderful reinforcement of the important things in life. John gives you the tools and confidence to go forward with clear and achievable goals. Feel good about yourself and learn to appreciate those around you – Craig S

I was sceptical at the beginning, thinking it was too easy to actually work. As I became more engrossed I found the program to be so enlightening that it was easy and it does work!!! I am now able to picture my future and know it is my future, the way I want to live it – Jenny T

This has been such a wonderful experience for me. When I decided to do the seminar, I had no idea how fulfilling it would be. This has helped me so much already for my direction and decisions in my life. Thank you so much – Dot S

This weekend was very different to anything I have ever done. It has made me realise I can like myself and change things about myself. I can improve my life and let go of the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I now feel not afraid if I am on my own. I feel powerful –  Michele B

I feel much more relaxed and at ease inside. The seminar is well presented and enjoyable to be part of. The techniques I learnt are so simple and easy yet so powerful. I’ve done meditation courses for over ten days and came out feeling the same way I did after half an hour. But this one really works and it’s definitely fun to do and great for the soul – Allan C

Having completed the vision seminar, I have found a new energy and awareness in life. Also I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on new and exciting challenges in my new life as a new person. I recommend it to anyone everyone. – Dominic Eggins

I came into this seminar hoping to achieve some form of balance and understanding on how the mind (brain) works. I walked out of the seminar with more than I asked for, I have found already the techniques we were taught are fantastic and easier than I anticipated. Techniques that you are able to use to focus, sleep, heal, help others and most of all to build up you confidence – Angie D

I found the seminar very enlightening. It has helped me to regain the inner peace I once had, but have not been able to realise in the last few years. I cannot recommend it highly enough, whether you are experiencing personal trauma in your life, or just as a magnificent tool for creating personal peace – Sue S

I got out of this seminar exactly what I was looking for, motivation, direction and confidence. Now I can live my life the way I have always wanted to. I am relaxed and have a renewed lust for life. Thanks John for your techniques and knowledge – Michael C

I came in sceptical thinking I am going to be ripped off again, paying for something that I couldn’t use, but after attending I can whole heartedly endorse this course to anyone else. I have the power now to take control of my mind and my life. My attitude and values will change as will my life style, I can see a way to making my ambitions come to fruition – Danny V

I was starting to recognise the power of my brain through books and really wanted the opportunity to further explore techniques to use more of my brain, visualisation and start to open the door to my intuition- this seminar has fulfilled that desire wonderfully and then some. I look forward to attending other seminars – C. C

I no longer feel like a piece of driftwood being tossed to and fro by the waves of life. Now I have the power to control my own destiny. I feel more like a rock on the beach at the edge of the ocean. The waves of life may splash against me and make me smoother but I am essentially me and anchored securely in my life where god has placed me. My understanding of the power of god in my life has increased much more and I am more open to the leadings of the Holy Spirit – Karen V

I found that the information given to me at this seminar re-enforced everything that I knew at soul level. It was really wonderful to look into John’s eyes and have shown back to me- “my truth” for that I am grateful for that I give thanks. It was like, finally I do not have to hide my trueness anymore more importantly I am no longer frightened of my own power, no longer frightened of me. Thank you – Vicki. M

Thank you John for giving me tools to understanding myself in a way that has touched my heart with love. I can identify with myself in a positive way after doing the seminar. A lot of worries, anxieties, fears about life and where I fit in, it has started to shift and I feel happier within. I think the warm fuzzies express it all, words don’t express what I feel. Thankyou sincerely John, Paula and Logistics. “May the force be with you” – Jan Andrews

I enjoyed myself so much, I have found out so much more about myself, my potentials and things I can create in my world, my life for me, it has been absolutely wonderful. I didn’t realise how much you don’t know about yourself until you do a seminar like this one, it is amazing. I feel, so rejuvenated and cleansed, I’m feeling more awake, happy, bright, clear, refreshed and at peace with myself and the way my life is led. Thank you so much John for the realisation you have given me about, love and happiness. Thank you very much – Amalie B

Initially how I became involved in this seminar was mainly through my friend who picked up the Saturday newspaper and read through the advertisement about the seminar, suggesting if I was interested. I decided to attend. I came with low self -esteem and have achieved the opposite. I’m so proud of myself. I have never felt so great with myself. I’m glad I attended this workshop. It has given me determination, discipline and greater enthusiasm and lastly taking control of myself. I would certainly recommend it to my friends. Thank you John – Ben N

I found John’s explanations of how the mind and body works to be very clear and easy to understand. I am very excited about what I have learnt and look forward to being able to apply it to my life and making it a part of everyday. He has re-enforced and given me a great foundation to grow and base my life on – Carolin R

A very interesting way of bringing your personal potential into perspective. Powerful stuff – John E

I enjoyed the seminar very much. It gave me a lot of tools to work with and on working on myself. The presentations were good and easy to understand – Rita Von R

I found the seminar to be an amazing experience. I was extremely sceptical at the beginning but by the end of the second day I wanted the seminar to continue for the remainder of the week. Great feeling!! And a plan for the future – John F

The Vasta seminar gives you an incredible insight into the power of our minds. The seminar is a ‘must’ for people of all ages – Ron L

I have greatly enjoyed this seminar and feel that many of the techniques learnt will serve me well in the very near future. The last few years have been a hard time for me and I need to find a new direction and focus on that. The biggest hurdle for me is a lack of trust in myself and I’m already feeling better about that. I think the most important thing is to become comfortable with relaxing and accepting that things will happen at their own pace not to resist!! – Sarah T

I attended the Vasta Vision Seminar on the weekend of the 14th-16th July. I found that John’s presentation and explanation of Alpha and associated topics were of the highest standard. As this was a new topic for me John’s simplistic approach made it very easy to understand and digest the new powerful information presented to me – Ray L

After a 10year journey and feel that I am finally making the connections. This seminar has brought everything together and I now realise that I am extremely powerful instead of seeing others with the power – Jill L

Great weekend, a totally new world was opened! I learnt more than my brain can handle right now but I hope that I will make use of all the tools which John has showed us. I am confident that my life will improve a lot in many ways. The simple explanations about the “very complicated” things are fascinating – Elfriede K

My experience doing the Vasta Seminar has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. I believe that this should not be missed by anyone who is interested in becoming a whole person. The techniques we have been taught are extremely simple but effective. An experience not to miss – Julie V

An uplifting positive experience in gaining an insight into our inner selves, the working of the brain and how we alone are responsible for our attitudes and self image. The workshops were energetic and the group of people warm and welcoming. John was a most positive, happy and encouraging speaker who laced his talks and workshops with humour and great skill. Useful techniques were taught in a fun way. Goal setting is powerful as too was the concept of visualizing who we want to be and become. A most worthwhile weekend with a variety of very useful strategies explained and demonstrated. – Vren H

There were so many wonderful tools presented in this seminar. I now feel completely confident that I have all I need to create an amazing life for myself in all ways! There are things I will use for the rest of my life – Heidi E

I have had a truly wonderful weekend. With the tools John has given us I’m sure I can restart my life in the most positive direction and achieve my goal of fulfilment in life. John is a brilliant speaker and gives so much of himself that it is impossible not to be truly touched and changed. Thank you john and may many fuzzies follow you – Lee M

Thought the whole experience was the greatest thing I have done for me to improve myself. It showed me so many tools to use. And to feel a group; of people that come together supporting one another. So easy to understand and use it later. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. I give you a big fuzzy I recommend it to all, you need it in some way or another – Shelly K

I have had a great weekend – taking into account I got so lost Friday night I didn’t attend the seminar and arrived late sat morning (got lost again) I felt so angry but then WOW what a week end I feel a new person and have learned so much but more important learned how to put it all into practice to change my life, I’m looking forward to attending the advanced workshop etc – Helen P

I thoroughly enjoyed my time meeting different walks of life and not being judged and being free to explore my feelings on spirituality and I want to thank you opening up my awareness to another avenue of life. Thank you again – Ken S

At first I didn’t know what to expect, being someone who is quiet reserved, working in groups sounded a bit out there. This ended up being most enjoyable and fun. I especially enjoyed Sunday session. I have things to develop that I otherwise would not have known how. A lot of areas of my life are a lot clearer now and I can now build a better future for me and partner – Paul B

I have done a number of personal development courses and seminars but have found this one to be the most powerful. It has left me believing that I can achieve anything I set out to do. I am so enthusiastic about the rest of my life/ I feel equipped to handle life with more love and understanding of others. I also feel I have already become a better person from attending this seminar – Jenny S

A great workshop!! Both Paul and I achieved a lot in terms of learning to trust our intuition more. Having techniques that we can work on together is very empowering. I’d recommend it to anyone or couple who are interested in a spiritual, metaphysical journey. John is particularly gifted and walks his talk as an instructor. The group dynamics and relating to others was probably the most valuable experience. All stories given in good humour and John handled things delicately. How wonderful this experience has been – Susan P

I really enjoyed the whole course. I found the contents really easy to understand and follow. John the presenter was very good and charismatic and really made the workshop interesting and fun. I really feel I will use the techniques I have learned from here in, and would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others – Julia R

This has been an inspirational experience! The insights and techniques that the program reveals can only be described as magical! Thankyou – Michael P

Wonderful experience – Opened up a whole new world to me. My self image has been given a whole new perspective – I’ll never be the same again. I love my workshop. Thank you – Audrey C

I am enjoying being here. I have learned so many things. Sleeping techniques are very good and helpful. Also project book is very good. Very good to meet new people – Jan V

Very empowering. Confirmed what I already thought in much greater detail. Now I know the techniques. Excited about what the future will bring. Explained in a way that kept my attention. Unlocked things I never knew I had – Warwick H

This seminar was just absolutely fantastic. A lot or information opened up my mind to where it has never been before. The whole experience has amazed me and changed me. I am looking forward to using all my skills and tools. Taught me to become the person I was meant to be – loving courageous, decisive, enthusiastic, happy and healthy. I am glad my partner and I did the seminar. We will be able to grow together – Jane L

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. John taught me many techniques that will help me to improve my life and achieve my goals. I enjoyed particularly John’s enthusiasm and “jo de virre” He is a living example of what he teaches. His energy is contagious and you know that he “walks the talk”. He draws on and shares his personal experience which makes the whole experience really authentic – Nicola L

I was sceptical as have done various self – development courses; this however is simple and effective which I believe works thanks john, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and look forward to my new life and the new me – Aimee F

I have really enjoyed this seminar. I feel a new me. John is a brilliant motivator and speaker. He presented the seminar with humour and real inspiration – Astrid C

I found this week end very uplifting, informative, and inspirational. I will change my life for the better. John confiding in us about his personal life was very moving, and brought up a lot about my life I can see where I can make improvements. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am looking forward to putting it all into practice and seeing it all fall into place. I knew from the introductory session it was something I just had to do. I am pleased I did – Carol E

This week end was a real learning curve. Everything I knew in my heart was reinforced our thoughts can create our lives – good and bad. My childhood conditioning was holding me back. Now I feel free to create the life I really want not just what a used to think I was capable of. I’m only limited to my imagination – Jennifer H

The John Vasta seminar has been a life changing weekend. I had fun and met some wonderful people. I will remember for the rest of my life. I would recommend it to everyone. Just do it you will be so glad you did. Come along and meet the new you – Barrie C

I found the seminar to be of great value, it made me look at myself from the inside instead of just the outside. I feel more empowered and a better person for attending this seminar – David H

As a practising spiritual therapist I found Johns delivery of many concepts I was already conversant with to be refreshing, exciting and energising, down to earth but uplifting. My heart shifted. I feel taller and I know that my ongoing alpha work will be a huge benefit to myself and others. I can teach this stuff from my heart. The last session was momentous. So real. The ESP was an awesome experience. As a psychic, my vision is even clearer after this seminar and the sky’s the limit for me now – Jacky H

I found the vision seminar the most exciting, informative and life changing exercise that I have ever attended. It was delivered with such enthusiastic positive, encouraging energy that I have yet to experience. Mr John Vasta is definitely a compassionate and understanding speaker, very much aware of the needs of people taking part in this seminar. What a loving, spiritual human being, who definitely believes and practises what he preaches – Irene C

I consider this to be a very worthwhile seminar for personal growth, spiritually and technically it was overwhelming and inspiring. Well worth another opportunity to follow it up – Keith M

Coming to the workshop has changed my life. I arrived a lost soul on Friday not knowing who I really was but throughout the whole process of teaching the techniques of how to change myself everything was taught and presented in love which brought out the deep most inner part of my being, which showed me who I was, and how my presence plays an important part on this planet. I felt safe at all time as John led us into new depths. It was a dynamic group of people blending and merging with each other to reach the skills and techniques that we need to take home and apply. It was a God given gift to have this opportunity to attend. The presentation was faultless – it is sad the week end was over. I feel released, renewed and healed from past memories that had prevented me from growing to reach my full potential as a human (worthwhile) being. I say thank you with gratitude and appreciation for John’s divine appointment that was – and I feel excited about attending further seminars in the future. I feel fulfilled and at peace as blockages were brought down, the sensitivity of our presenter met our needs at all levels at each session. I feel blessed and enriched. Thank you – Jessy M

The weekend with John Vasta as our Presenter of “how to changed my life “by thinking differently was absolutely fantastic. Best of all it worked, old ways of thinking and being stuck in the old beliefs has gone. What a relief at 65 years old, what a freeing up so that I can now shift into my new desired life. I need to live for another 40 years to fulfill my dreams and goals! Again thank you to the example and testimonial of the sharing John – Patricia